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Do not choose violence

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Mariah Alesna
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Currently, there are a lot of things happening on our own planet: technology is now mesmerizingly developed; the outfits teenagers wear has drastically changed. But the belief “Violence can solve any possible problem” has been the discord of every country and every person. Especially when it comes to territorial arguments, people believe that violence is the answer.

The usage of extreme violence and declaration of wars have never an option nor a solution. Why? Violence has given nothing but guilt. It has consequences that lead to bigger problems and conflicts. Violence has killed more people than it has saved. Violence and war are slowly repealing and eliminating unity and making people self-centered.

A person who did something bad will feel guilt afterwards. Guy Winch writes that unresolved guilt is like having a snooze alarm in your head that won't shut off. And he also said that guilty feelings also make it difficult to think straight. Meaning that guilt keeps coming back and it will continue to come back and disturb your straight thinking after you’ve done a violent act. Single acts of violence might only take a couple minutes but guilt stays. That is why people should not risk their peaceful life by a reckless decision to choose violence to solve problems. Violence comes with guilt. It’s not a natural feeling. It’s a cultural product. People will not stop making you feel that you are a bad person for choosing violence, for it is in our culture.

Violence has a domino effect that clearly leads to bigger problems. That is why Yangchen Dolma stresses that the use of violence only leads to more violence. Because violence creates revenge creating violence again. There are reasons why some people are violent, there is somebody who they got it from. Violent people grow up in an environment where they are subjected to violence. People are easy to influence that’s why the consequence of violence is teaching someone how to be violent. Another consequence of violence are the laws and punishments that you will be facing. These heavy consequences require long processes, they will consume a lot of your time, and ruin your image.

Little did we know, acts of violence are repealing the unity people should be achieving? How? Unity simply means being united, and to be united there must be love and affection to every single person. We cannot let violence enter the room. If all of us quit violence and just spread huge amounts of understanding it is possible to get rid of war. Why would there be war if we could just unite as one world? When all countries unite and work together, who is there left to fight? Unity should be full of selfless people and affectionate ones and violence somehow melts unity, because being violent is being self-absorbed. Reason is thinking about what you want to do and not thinking about what the other party has to say.

Violence is never good for humans, there are a lot of negative traits and consequences you will face if you ever been violent or if you choose violence to solve any disagreements or any problems.

As a conclusion, violence is too risky and going through being a victim of violence is as bad as the consequences a violent act will get. Violence is not a win-win situation nor a solution. It is much easier and advisable to lower your pride and let any problems and conflicts be fixed by talking about it and understanding each party. People should use their words gently instead of violence. Violence is never an option and if it is, it is the worst option you’ll choose. In violence, you will never win. Controlling your temper, thinking and meditating about conflicts, understanding and talking about it, will always be the best option and solution.

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