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Diversity Blessings

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The famous field in Bali, Indonesia.

The famous field in Bali, Indonesia.

The idea of diversity is like any other idea because it has a good side and a bad side. In each country that has diverse people it could be a source of problems but it might also be a healthy thing. From my last visit to Indonesia, I noticed that this Islamic country is very proud of its diversity and focuses on the culture and traditions as a special thing that they are gifted with. They believe in preventing and keeping their traditions which was obvious when they held the last World Cultural Forum in Bali. It showed that they are responsible people and are really interested in promoting diversity instead of killing it. Here, we can see the difference from other countries that made people think of who is the strongest or who is the majority and give others power just because of their huge number. All that is for the benefit of those responsible. They are using under the idea of faith or the idea of suffering and in the future it will hurt them, which is why we can call it controlling by fear.

Many problems can be solved if people can think of diversity as a source of strength instead of weakness. If one group has all the power, considers this democracy, then they really do not understand the spirit of democracy. Democracy means the whole people will have the power. For example, in India they have smart people and achievers in many fields like engineering, technology and medicine such as in China and Japan. They have diversity with its problems as well as its blessings.

We can see that a multi-cultural environment can bring creativity. This idea is used by many international companies with employees from different nationalities like in the field of communication technology among others. A mix in one country can bring development, but the key is joining the old and the new without killing history. We must find a way to melt the two together. Finally, from all the above we can notice that the main point between most of the developed countries is the rich cultural diversity (especially in Asia and they learned from each other’s experiences instead of copying the western experiences).

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