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Devastation and Loss in the Wake of Natural Disasters

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Hurricane Maria afflicting its devastation on the British Virgin Islands

Hurricane Maria afflicting its devastation on the British Virgin Islands

South Florida was hit by the devastating Hurricane Irma in September. But Miami healed pretty quickly; life was back to normal in less than a week.

The situation is entirely different in Puerto Rico, an island only a couple hundred miles from Miami. They were hit by Hurricane Maria a few weeks after Irma, and even two months later, the situation is dire and is not extreme to believe life in Puerto Rico will be fundamentally changed.

Empathy and care for our fellow human are essential to understanding what is happening to those around us. Thinking about our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico helps put into perspective the devastation they faced, with the relative disinterest we encountered in South Florida.

There have been days when I sit back and think about the issues Puerto Ricans face. Many of my classmates have friends and family who live in Puerto Rico and not a day goes by where I don't think about how affected they are and how difficult life has become for them, all because of a hurricane which seemed minor in the eyes of most.

And the media has forgotten about it in large part. Sure, there was a deluge of interest in hurricanes after Harvey, Irma, and Maria but it has largely subsided. President Trump hasn't spoken about it in a few months and the general media has generally forgotten about the story and moved on to the issues which will get more clicks.

But these are American citizens, with most of the same rights we possess as mainland Americans. They deserve an equal response in times of disaster.

We cannot continue to neglect our fellow citizens and assurance is needed that the country will act soon

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