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Defining the Indefinable

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You each have a different definition.
You are at once the beholder and the sight.
But in a blend of browns and whites and reds and blondes and greens
What does beauty mean?
Does beauty lie within a waist or a pretty face?
Society says yes,
To quick judgement on your appearance because it’s easier than looking for the beauty
In your brain, your personality, your disposition.
Beauty is not limiting
Beauty is not society’s opinion
Beauty is not defined
And don’t tell me that a survivor with a burn covering half her face
Or that a girl who is going through her transition to match her identity
Or that a girl who spends her time doing her homework rather than online
Or that a girl covered in bruises because she loved someone she shouldn’t have

Or that a girl who covers up rather than biting through the cold to show a little more skin
Or that a girl who spills her blood when the comments became sharp enough to pierce her skin
That they aren't beautiful too.

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