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Cry of the Refugees

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Interview with Bizimana Francois, a young filmmaker from Kenya. You can watch his PLURAL+ video “Cry of the Refugees” here:

What is your video about?

My video is all about the devastating living condition of families living in the Dadaab Refugee Camp in the northern part of Kenya.

Why did you make this video? What motivated you to make it?

What inspired me to do this video was when I went there for volunteer work and was so touched by this living condition. I decided to choose this song for the video to show the whole world how these families really suffer.

What would you like to tell to global audiences about the subject matter of your video?

I would like to tell the global audience that the living condition in refugee camps is worse and as a collective, we should do something about it.

Was it difficult to access video equipment (camera and editing) to make your video? Whose equipment was it? How did you manage to access it?

Yes, it was so difficult to get the equipment because it's expensive to hire people and I didn't have enough money to access equipment. Luckily, I met with Barbara Koenig who is now my manager. After she listened to the audio, she was touched and offered to help me make the video.

Was this your first video?

No, I had another called “Trash is Cash”which speaks about climate change and recycling garbage.

Do you think that what is shown in the media changes people's perceptions and opinions about issues? How?

Yes because the media is able to reach a large number of people and spread information quickly. It changes a lot of people's perceptions.

Why do you think it is important for young people to make videos and to produce other types of media?

It is important because young people are creative and energetic. As young people, we can play a huge role in society.

Do you think youth-produced media deserves better channels of distribution? If so, how would you like to see things change?

Yes because youth deserve this change. It would create more employment for young people.

What advice would you give to a young person who would like to make a video if she or he already has access to equipment? What are the most important things to think about before starting to make a video?

One of the most important things to do when you have the equipment is to first look at what affects young people and the world. These things could include crime, early marriage, climate change, and peace. You must also have a script for your video.

Are you producing another video? If yes, what is it about? Why did you choose this subject?

Of course when I get another person to support me and my videos I will. There are many issues here in Kenya that need to be addressed through music, which is very effective.

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