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I won't restrict this word around the circle a dictionary seated on a nightstand to offer it a sacrificial meaning. A dialy ritual of our thoughts is our cravings. A desire to be something. An achievement that would leave an imprint of a career well explored and executed. The need to step up away from our comfort zones. Cravings that would never get satiated but limited to some level of greatness. Humanity in its entirety craves to feel needed. A ceaseless relevance with an unflinching legacy.

Even the less privileged and the most indolent state of mind craves for some cravings however morsel it appears to be. Craving to live, to be loved, to be needed and cared for. We all have cravings, the disparity is we all have different cravings and a common craving, the craving for love. As far fetched as it is, love would always be our symbolic reason for almost everything revolving around our existence.

Cravings are necessary for the upliftment of each other. But then too much chunk of it can go into an overhaul, getting into our heads and most especially having a grasp at our sense's commonplace. Think of the wars, crisis and riots around the world. These troubled spots are affected by cravings, negative cravings of relevance that are deep rooted.

If only we, the protectors of this world can overcome our negative nostalgic desires for personal gains and focus on lifting each other. The weaklings would be and have a save haven.

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