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Conflict resolution

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Many scenes of violence have troubled our daily lives during the past period. But what shocked us the most, are recorded videos of some students beating their teachers in the classroom.

It takes guts to do such violent act.

Without any doubt, people started pointing their fingers at them: They are guilty, they should be punished.

They should be expelled from school!

This, this is the straw that breaks the camel's back.

To make such decisions in such situations is a proof of an intolerable ignorance. How are we supposed to tackle our most pressing issues, if we choose each time to flee?

This problem does not only affect the teaching staff, it encourages a whole generation to become impulsive, violent and ruthless.

Instead of looking at the root causes of this phenomenon, the easiest way is to criminalize those students who are already, victims of an uneducated society.

This is the reason why today, and more than ever before, our governments need to involve peace-building strategies in the educational system. This will not only help to make good citizens, furthermore, this will push students, learners and teachers to play a key role in their communities, as change-makers, hope-builders and leaders.

Involving them from an early age in conflict resolutions processes will certainly and effectively, have a good impact on them. This impact will be reflected in a more peaceful, inclusive and resilient society.

We really need to see, discuss, and solve our problems from different views. Simply because everything is intertwined. So, in order to find real fruitful solutions, we must become more open to debates, more open to listening to others even if they are at fault, and last but not least, more analysis to see things differently and properly.

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