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I was on my way back from a phone company since I have lost my Sim card and I hoped, I could get it back. The temperature was extremely hot, about 46 Celsius degrees. I was starving and the only thing I was thinking of were the homeless, unemployed people and how they could manage to survive this weather.

I decided to reach a restaurant as soon as possible. Looking around for a place, I saw KFC on the way so I went through the drive thru. I got a family meal and on the way, I was searching for people especially those tortured blind children who are forced to sell gums or clean the window of cars in this cancerous and brain boiling weather.

I managed to find a child in the traffic while it was still red and gave him some food. I continued, going from one street to another, trying to find another, I was sure I was gonna find someone else.

Time was passing by, even the air conditioner inside the car wasn't enough to keep me cool. I then decided to find another fast food restaurant where I have done the same thing a year ago I remembered. I sat down and ate, while still thinking and hoping to find some other people who are not capable of affording to get food.

I bought some other sandwiches and started to look for children I once gave some food in the exact same place a year ago.

It seemed that it wasn't going well. I reached home being disappointed, as my Mom said 'My dear, I have already cooked, what’s with this much food?' and me answering desperately 'I have bought it for the starving people on the streets Mom, I found one, but not another.'

The thing is, it has been a while since I ever felt the butterflies in my stomach. I wanted to experience what others feel in their worst period of their lives - it has taught me how to appreciate what I have.

Yes the amazing feeling of helping somebody, that's the butterflies. It's called 'Collywobbles'.

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