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Be your best version

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Free source: Photo by Kim Carpenter on Unsplash

Free source: Photo by Kim Carpenter on Unsplash

If there is a kind of diversity in the world which is a cause of anguish for some of us, it is the diversity of body types. It can be frustrating how some people are "blessed" to stay lean throughout (or for most part of) their life while others "have to" sweat it out for hours, keep a check on what they eat and how much they eat, and always try to look out for 'healthier' substitutes for their favourite food.

Keeping fit is undoubtedly a goal for many irrespective of what a person's body type or rate of metabolism is, but for some it comes with a lot of pressure and trauma. Not having the ideal BMI or not being anywhere close to what one's body image for oneself is, is a serious issue now more than ever given that we are willing to put ourselves out in the world for public scrutiny.

Being overweight is one of the biggest body issues that a large number of people have to battle with. Many of them, even after they have lost weight, will have their past spring up, leaving them feeling anxious and insecure about history repeating itself it they don't constantly keep watching their weight.

Sometimes you try to stay comfortable in your skin and maybe don't even realise that the bulkiness of your body shows until someone points it out, not always with the best intentions. The need to stay fit and healthy is one thing and the pressure to look good according to norms set up by someone is altogether another and the fine line between the two is almost always blurred for many.

I believe it is essential for those who relate to this or other body issues to realise that the diversity of body types should be embraced and there is always a version of you that is going to look best even if it doesn't match someone else's standard. You must strive to be healthy and your best version will come to you. A lot of celebrities have been putting up pictures of when they had such body issues and have no qualms about owning what they looked like. It is okay to not have looked a certain way at a certain point of time and sometimes it is cathartic to laugh at your different looking self from sometime ago and not let your body's history bother you ever.

The most important thing is to remember to not feel despondent. If you need to take more steps to be healthy, you are not alone and all the efforts are totally worth it.

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