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Be Strong, Stay Strong

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Downloaded from internet

A few years back I used to wonder why people commit suicide, why someone would want to end their own life. I used to think that they don't love their family, friends, or even themselves. But after few years, I started realising that I was wrong. Those who commit suicide doesn't want to end their lives but they want to end their problems. They are not cowards, they just aren’t able to find the right way to deal with their problems.

Most commonly, suicide is the result of depression and feelings of hopelessness. It's not that every depressed person will commit suicide but when depression levels reach a certain peak point then the only solution that person might think of is ending his or her life. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) close to 8,00,000 people die due to suicide every year.

Life is not easy. We need to understand our problems and learn to cope with them. At some point in life, we may feel that we are trapped with problems and we may not instantly know any way to get out. That is the time when we have to keep ourselves strong mentally and emotionally. We need to remind ourselves that problems are temporary.

If something is disturbing you then share your problem with your family or with someone you trust, or you can even visit a counsellor. If you don't really feel comfortable sharing with anyone then write it down. Make the habit of writing, it will also help you. If you find someone upset then talk to that pesron, ask what's bothering him\her, offer help, give that person hope and strength to overcome his\her problems.

Nobody is perfect, and everybody makes mistakes. So we should stop blaming and judging others on the basis of their mistakes. If you were not there for someone to listen to their problems and support them when they were alive then you don't have any right to build up different stories about them after their death.

There is a solution to every problem, and suicide is not one of them. Yes, suicide is not cowardly, but it's not the right solution either. Try to bring positivity in life, make your inner-self strong. Don't let suicidal thoughts manipulate you in any situation. You are strong and you must stay strong. Believe that things will get well soon. You can and will overcome every problem of your life.

Are you constantly feeling sad or having lots of negative thoughts?

You are not alone - there are options available to help you. If you think you might be suffering from depression speak to someone you trust about your feelings. Talk to a professional, such as a doctor, mental health professional, counsellor or social worker. If you think you are in immediate danger of harming yourself contact the emergency services or a crisis line, or go there directly.

Remember that with the right help, you can get better.

You can get more information here.

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