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Be proud of who you are

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Free source: Wikimedia Commons

Free source: Wikimedia Commons

This time, I want to dedicate my words to the people who can't feel free to express themselves, the people who need to hide who they are to be accepted and not be judged for what they like or how they live their lives.

There are so many things I want to write about this, about how I feel when a friend, or even myself, cannot feel free to express who he or she is because of what other people will say. If only we stop judging others and ourselves, we can start living a happier life, and we could let others be the best version of themselves. With no labels, no more pain, and of course, a lot of love around the world.

I really like to think that there is a brighter future for our world and the people on it. So, that's why I started to think about how can we help the people around us to feel more accepted.

First of all, we need to understand people around us, imagine ourselves in other's places and stop labeling everyone. We must let others be what they want to be.

The day we realize we are all the same, the day we can stand together as one, that day we can make a true change in our society. Until that day we, the young ones, need to raise our voice in defence of those who have lived in darkness so that someday, we can all be free to be who we are and be proud of it.

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