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Aspirations of humanity

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Neha kirdak
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We are one and united.

We are one and united.

Divided by countries, divided by states, divided by religion, divided by sects;

We still stand united by humanity and by nature, by dreams and by the future;

Our hope and our faith guide us to the same path of development,

At the end of which we will get everyone’s equal fulfillment;

We never want to be victims of war, violence, hatred, or crime,

We just want joy, peace, development and this is our prime;

Each one of us is bright, brave, beautiful, and strong,

Standing in front of thousands to prove them wrong;

Pride and prejudice, whatever we have we must now let them go;

Because this is the youth of the century which can change whatever you know;

Heading towards light we must also give a helping hand to those who are in dark,

As we are humans we must rejuvenate from the tree of ambition which has shed its bark.

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