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Are you searching for the path to success?

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Sometimes, we want to change but we don't know how, we are tired of living this life in the minority sector, but what are the steps we can take to liberate ourselves and soar like the eagles we were created to be?

In this article, I’ve compiled 5 of the things we as youths must adapt if we must survive in this competitive and fast-changing world.

The first thing to do is to find a mentor/role model

If we want to do something the easiest way to avoid major setbacks is to find someone who has done it and is successful at it. Many of us surround ourselves with "Default Friends". These are people we grew up with, typically our classmates, people we meet regularly, at school, in the market, at the gym etc. They may not really be bad people, but they may not have what it takes to push us to achieve and explore our fullest potential. We might know this, but we usually remain in that circle, because we don’t want to take the risk of living outside of our comfort zone and exploring other alternatives, making us mediocre and nonentities to the society, which can later lead to regret and despair.

If we are really determined to succeed, we must break free from this circle and find mentors and role models who can guide us through the path we desire to go on, or whose character we can emulate in our own being. Models can also be in form of books, videos, and any documentary that entail their guidance and beliefs.


It is said that fear kills more dreams than failure ever does, and I believe this to be true. Most of us youths are afraid of doing thing beyond the "Status Quo". We are afraid of criticism and failure. But, we must realize that it is the cave you fear that holds the treasure you desire.

Without taking that bold step to start out, you will never achieve that great thing. Be bold, look at people like Strive Masiyiwa, Bishop David Oyedepo - they were bold to start something in spite of the so-called bad economic state of Nigeria, and Africa at large, they were still able to succeed. It is from problems that true heroes are born. So why can't you succeed? What do they have that you don't? I think the answer is “nothing". If you want to succeed no one can stop you, and if you want to fail, I'm afraid, no one can stop you either.

You must follow the first step, find a role model, and don't be afraid to reach out to him or her. Most successful people really want to see other people succeeding as well, and in this internet world, it is very easy to connect to these people. Make an attempt to talk to them if you have a problem, and need their guidance. Contact them through Facebook, Instagram, their email, and you can search Google for their details. But, the important thing is that that you should be worth their time, that is, if it is a question you want to ask them, it should be a question they alone, or only a few people have the right answers to. Don't send them random, valueless questions they are less likely to reply. If you want to offer them a business plan maybe for partnership or mentoring, you should be ready, and your plan should be worth their time as they are very busy people and have learnt to appreciate the value of time.


Manage what you do with it, how productive are you with your time, remember as time passes you're aging and eventually, if you don't achieve those great goals that came to you, you'll spend the rest of your life regretting the wasted years. So what are you waiting for? Forget about any limiting belief, the voice in your head telling you that you can't. When you want to do something awesome and do something great, don't look for who has not done it, look for those who have done it.

Never say, "I can't do it", instead, ask, "How can I do it?"

Make a plan, and start, break it down to smaller bits, start small. If you have a great mentoring and modeling you can start in a big way, but be very careful that you are ready for the task.

Isolate yourself from everything that would draw you back to that old you, and limit your self-worth. Feed only your desires and goals, and you will observe that your distractions will starve to death.


You must form the habit of reading books, watching inspirational or tutorial videos and attending seminars as well as webinars (online seminars).

Readers are leaders.

Read depending on your area of interest.

Some people read only one book yearly, and that book would be, Facebook ^_^

If you feed your mind with miscellaneous things you attract miscellaneous results. So, train your mind right, focus on what you want, whether spiritual growth, financial growth, enhancing your relationship etc. There are books and videos on all of those things. You can just type the name of the book on Google and search for it, for instance, you want to download "Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki", just type " Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki free PDF eBook download", that's how I do it. You can also use or Okadabooks but these platforms require that you pay little sums, depending on the book. And, you can also adapt the video tutorial which is a more active way of learning.

I also recommend that you all watch TEDx videos, to increase your reasoning.

I believe you have greatness lying in you don't take it to the grave, start now, start grooming yourself to become that person you were created to be.


Don't allow anybody to limit your belief or your worth. Whatever you want to achieve is achievable!

Look around you, all those things that you admire - that blog, that business idea, the company, that music, that fit body, that concept - all those great things you admire were made by humans like you, and who aren't smarter or created better than you. Indeed they aren't better than you, they just invested their minds and they spent their time doing creative things. You have your own special quality, find it, groom it, and reform the world with it!

So, why do you want to limit your mind and potentials? You’re a human being just like them, don’t limit yourself, if you weren’t created to be great, you should have been born as a tree or a "mosquito" lol.

So, don’t limit your mind my friends, expand the horizons of you mind, and until you start thinking big, you start doing big, and then, you start winning big.

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