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An Open Letter to Donald Trump... From a Teenage Girl

Avatar Ashley T.
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My body is mine, and mine alone.

My body is mine, and mine alone.

My body is my canvas. It is mine, and mine alone.

Yet, this concept seems foreign to many such as yourself, Mr Donald Trump, the 2016 Republican Party presidential nominee.

Recently, an obscene video that revealed you boasting about molesting and sexually assaulting women was surfaced. The entire clip was downright revolting, but one of the most jarring statements you made without a second’s hesitation was, “Grab them (women) by the p***y. You can do anything.” As if the entire situation couldn’t have gotten any worse, you failed to apologise with actual sincerity and instead resorted to disguising such blatant remarks on sexual harassment as “locker room banter”.

But, Mr Trump, I would like to make it known to you that sexual assault is in no way “locker room banter”. The misogynic mindset that is entrenched in you is translated into your words, which will never be merely contained in “the locker room”. More than this, you do not possess the right to grab any woman by her genitals. You do not possess the right to “do anything” you want to women. And you most definitely do not possess the right to get away with denigrating women and diminishing their worth.

But yet, somehow, you do.

Several GOP leaders have started to condemn your deplorable remarks, but they shy away from doing the only responsible and sensible thing – revoking their endorsements. This is a kick to the gut because it speaks volumes of their position on this critical issue that so many females struggle with on a daily basis. You continually objectify women’s bodies, but you need to realise that your lascivious comments are not just targeted at one woman – they are an attack on our entire society. Why this is still being tolerated is truly beyond me.

With someone who possesses as much power as you in the political arena that has the whole world watching, you should be channelling your privilege and authority to empowering women, instead of reducing them to their genitals or any other body part. The very fact that you exploited your status, as reflected in the lewd remarks that you made in 2005, and did not even have the decency to apologise sincerely for what you said, only serves to unveil the type of man that you were and are. And if “these words don’t reflect who you are”, then I’m not quite sure what words are for.

So, if you truly wish to “make America great again”, then please start by showing everyone that you are a man who can admit to his mistakes, instead of simply brushing these comments aside as “locker room banter”. Because they reality is, they are not.

Jeannie Mai from The Real Daytime summarised it perfectly when she said, “Nobody ever deserves to touch anybody else. Period.”

Our bodies are our canvas. They are ours, and ours alone. Nobody but us is entitled to the one asset that has been bequeathed to us.

Not even the potential future President of the United States.

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