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An Impressionistic World: The Chaos We Are Living In

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Nafees A. Siddique
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I got hurt and hurt again and I finally stopped pleasing others. It's true that most of us are living an artificial life. We have been lost in a world of love, crush, fantasy, fiction, and gossips, in a life which has no purpose, no rules, no charm, and no boundaries. Everyone is running after self-accomplishments. Nobody actually cares about helping, motivating, encouraging others, the bright souls, who just need a little push, a little guidance, a little light to illuminate the whole world.

We spend hours, months, years expecting from others, which ultimately results in a life full of miseries, breakups, and mismanagement. Many of us are busy with nonsense, with the things that don't even exist, and sadly we are proud of it.

I wish everyone would suffer in a relationship, everyone would miss friendship, everyone would experience the worst, everyone would burn in pain, everyone would feel the shame, everyone would regret over his past mistakes, everyone would sacrifice his self for others, everyone would dare to take risks, everyone would overcome his fears, everyone would be strong enough to face challenges, everyone would fail again and again, everyone would stand after every fall, everyone would be thankful for what he has, everyone would explore the world, everyone would learn to respect opinions, everyone would know the truth, everyone would understand things, to get to know what life is.

It doesn't matter how long you live, but how you live.

Everyone can become a leader, we cannot wait for someone to come and bring about a change. We need to learn new things, groom ourselves, develop leadership skills, and start making differences before we are gone. Let's pursue excellence, let's seek happiness, let's work for better, let's share brotherhood, let's find peace, let's spread kindness, let's defeat hatred, let's restore humanity, let's celebrate love, let's withdraw our pride, let's accept failure, let's struggle for success, let's fight for freedom, let's live for others!

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