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All the Wrong Choices

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Nafees A. Siddique
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We usually make wrong choices in life and that’s how we learn and grow. Today when I look back, I think of the choices I made which certainly had a great impact on my life.

Now reflecting on those choices, I realize most of them were wrong. But it’s the consequence of all those bad experiences that today I am able to distinguish between good and bad, and what is right vs what is wrong.

This is the quality of being vulnerable, to be able to observe life, to see the things that are hidden, and to foresee what is important.

You should not be worried when you feel low or disappointed but when everything is going well.

Believe that everything is going to be settled sooner or later. When you have strong faith in your life’s purpose, and a substantial desire to achieve your dreams then you are not bothered by the hurdles that life brings; not even the biggest storms that come your way.

Survival is the dangerous skill one can master; once you know how to survive, you can deal with every situation life puts you in.

If you limit yourself to specific people, environment, your life will be limited too. Take the opportunity when you are completely lost to learn new skills and realize your strength. Channel your anger to become the best version of yourself, for life gives you only one chance to either make it or break it!

All your wisdom is inadequate if you are not transforming your dreams into reality.

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