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All it takes


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It’s been quite some time since my last post here, and exactly as long since I’ve written something. I have this bad habit to shut down whenever I feel the slightest bit uncomfortable or insecure. I’m not sure what to write- then I just don’t write anything. I’m not sure what to say- then I just don’t talk. I’m not sure what to do- then I just don’t take any initiative.

But I do realise this.

And I guess that this post is me trying to break the pattern

because once I’ve done it, I’m not even that shy or insecure anymore.

To all those out there who can relate to this feeling, there are always people who will judge,

but I’m pretty sure that there are even more people who don’t.

People who do whatever it is that you do, is something admirable.

Besides, you have zero obligations to someone else, yourself or this world. There is nothing that you must do.

Everything you do is for the future - for yours, for your families, for a friends, for humanities.

Now think about all the things you’ve done in your life, or even just done in one day.

Even the smallest thing is a great achievement, a great investment in the future - don’t let the feeling that it isn’t enough trap you because having the right intentions is all it takes.

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