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All is one, one is all

no picture Gilbert Zico Cabral
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Free Source: Photo by Sean Stratton on Unsplash

Free Source: Photo by Sean Stratton on Unsplash

I would like to share the message, to all humans worldwide, that balancing your life is the backbone of our civilisation. I'm going to tell you about the way I look at the world and how it helps me to maintain the right balance.



Business and Work.



The above words are the areas in my life that I try to balance.

HUMANITY: Everyone has a contribution towards our human lives whether its through a scientific or religious approach.

FAMILY: We all are family. Some are born into a family and some make a new family. I feel that accepting someone else as a part of family is a must.

BUSINESS and WORK: Everyone must use their talents and skills to make a living. And, yes, everyone has a talent and skill.

FRIENDS: That smile we put on our friends faces and the joy we give to others is important. The moment you make a bond of friendship with fellow humans it will give you strength to maintain your balance.

ENTERTAINMENT: It is closely related to art, music, sports and technology. When you don't have anyone around entertaining yourself and others keeps the fuel ignited!

The meaning of our lives is defined according to our own minds. We just need to maintain that balance and not tip off to just one area of life. That is how we our civilisation will continue to thrive.

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