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Agandi - Hello

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Pearl Gahwera
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Agandi is “hello” in my mother’s mother tongue, although “hello” doesn’t quite describe it which, is usually the case for many words in the local languages in Uganda. Often there isn’t really a direct translation seeing as the meaning is more implied than an actual word.

My name is Pearl; I am a 24-year-old from Uganda, East Africa. With every passing year, there are more references to Africa as a country, which honestly makes no sense to me because Google was supposed to make things better; and with the faster internet connections reported in the many studies carried out every other quarter, it keeps being a bit baffling that this is still the case. Slowly but surely, people will learn that Africa is a continent with over 50 countries, but it will take deliberate action from each one of us to get there.

The fact that I fell in love with advertising after completing my three years of studying for a degree in Bachelor of Commerce (a few months to graduation) is an illustration of how funny life is; I can’t help but think about the education system and the state of employment in the country though. In a perfect world, are there enough jobs for everyone or does every case of frictional unemployment deny someone else the chance to work at their perfect job? I have always wondered. Although if we are being honest, frictional unemployment is a hundred thousand times better than unemployment. Then again, what defines perfection or honesty? So many questions, not as many answers.

My super power is changing topics in a conversation, which is somewhat bearable in verbal conversation but is a BIG problem in written conversation because I also end up getting confused, which is not a look anyone likes.

Growing up, I was always the loudest; over the years, once in awhile I am amused when I meet someone who is louder than I am although when I try to use my inside voice people usually think that I am sick, which I find very amusing. I haven’t recovered from the fact that there was a time when I was the only person called Pearl in an entire school/village and one day it seemed like someone was handing out the name to anyone who was willing to take it, because the number of people must have increased by 300%. Being the only Pearl someone knew used to make me feel special but that all went away without warning; and because Uganda is the Pearl of Africa, people took it up a notch. There is a Pearl Supermarket in almost every town in Uganda. Luckily, I am older now and I am willing to share the name grudgingly.

Nothing makes me happier than laughing. Okay may be Skittles but because I live in constant fear of becoming fat, I can’t really rely on Skittles for happiness, which is how laughter wins this round. There’s this cool thing I do where I hibernate laughter, for a rainy day; kind of like preparing for winter. I mean there’s always something to laugh about but it’s not always “teary-eyes” laughter and that’s the one that makes me particularly happy. How perfect are Skittles though? All those colors, the fancy packaging and the very appealing shape, not to forget the icing on the cake, the taste. Heaven in the mouth and that’s an understatement.

I could literally go on and on, because I am many things. Someone could know me for a week and have a higher chance at knowing me well, yet someone could know me for years and still not know me. Or vice versa. There’s really no formula. That’s the beauty about life.

There’s not many things that are more awkward than answering the ‘tell me about yourself’ question but I can assure you that writing about yourself is way up there. Or maybe I am the shy one.

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