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Advice against moral apathy

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Chaima Baztami
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1. Stand. Enter the dynamics of the world and be daring. Wear your beliefs and speak your mind. Never allow yourself to acquiesce in any injustice or to abide being a bystander to someone else’s injustice.

2. Recognize that the world is not ruled by the scale carrying, blind-folded goddess depicted in courts; you will inevitably encounter wrong-doing and yet, this knowledge should not grant you any comfort when witnessing evil. It should, instead, serve as a call to intervention; it should awaken your conscience and see us all united in a unanimous condemnation.

3. Don’t attempt to navigate the intricacies of the world without a moral compass as a guide; you will find an abundance of senseless actions; observe, question and understand, be engaged so that you can be welcomed among the actors of change.

4. Shun insouciance, for the sake of what can still be recovered from men’s folly and never doubt that there will always be something worth saving. And that is the future; you cannot accept the sun dying, devoured by the darkness they laid on our brothers, you cannot throw tomorrow in the maws of today’s beasts. No manifestation of evil should receive our compliance and no perpetrator constitutes an exception: this you must remember at all times. Your silence will only paint the world a shade darker, but your voice… the evils it could eradicate, the change it could bring, the kings it could dethrone, if only you raised it against all that is to be subverted!

5. Don’t ever feel intimidated by the scale of the problem, don’t ever surrender to the apparent inevitability of social injustice, and if no one joins you, then be the inspiration that will incite them to.

6. We walk on the battleground where good and evil face each other time and again in their eternal struggle, that is the stage on which we lead our lives; and unless we opt for the path of those who merely exist, bound to the shadows of irrelevance, we will inexorably have to choose one side. Be ready for that choice, feel morally obliged to question the ethics of your time, regardless of what the masses recognize as the “norm”.

7. Train the accuracy of your moral compass through critical thinking and active evaluation of the world around you; be cognizant, be observant, know where to stand and don’t allow them to thrive on your apathy.

8. And finally, if you find yourself pondering the question of whether you should care or not, if you find yourself unbothered with someone else’s oppression just because it does not interfere with your own comfort, if you consider yourself impervious to any condemnation solely because you took no part in any harm, know that you chose the oppressor’s side. You chose to stand among those whom history will always portray as the worst among us.

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