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Adopted and Proud

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My sister and I are adopted from an Asian country. We are not biological sisters but as close as biological sisters can be. Growing up, our long black hair and uniquely shaped eyes were the only things that set us apart from the typical American child. When other kids asked us about our different eyes, we didn’t understand at first. Why would we? We were just children. However, as I continued to grow, I came to understand adoption and met many people who thought “adoption” or “I’m adopted” is taboo. I believe this needs to change.

I will say, “I was born out of the country.” Others will think nothing of it. Then others will see my parents, who are not Asian, and become very confused.

I have been asked to step out of a picture that someone was taking of my parents and I because they believed I was trying to photobomb it. I have been asked if I was the niece or grandchild of my parents while out shopping. I have been asked if I find it sad to be adopted and not have real parents. True, I do not know my birth parents. However, I do not think that fact is sad. I have been raised by who I consider my parents, for essentially my entire life. They are my “real” parents.

People always hesitate to ask, “Are you adopted?” They act as if adoption is something that should not be spoken of. Too many people do not understand that being adopted does not automatically mean your birth parents didn’t want you or that you were a “mistake.” Adopted children live their lives and become successful, just like other kids. We have friends, travel, learn, and enjoy life to its fullest.

Being adopted is something unique and special, but not something to be ashamed of. Other people need to understand that talking about adoption is okay.

And to society - just because children do not always look like their parents, please do not assume they cannot be family.

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