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Act Locally Think Globally

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The Health of the Globe.

When we started learning about the United Nations we were introduced to the global goals and were tasked with a project to think globally and act locally. The global goal we chose to focus on was Goal 3, world health.

I (Tate) have wanted to go into the medical field since I was young. Every day people die from things that are preventable, if given the time, the will and resources. Diseases, like heart disease and stroke, both among the major causes of death around the globe, more negatively affect poor countries where there is limited access to health facilities.

I (Jared) have family members that have passed away from cancer and respiratory disease. I lost one grandfather to lung cancer when I was around 13-years-old. I lost my other grandfather to lung cancer and respiratory disease. I’m 17-years-old now, and I wish there could have been medicine to help them. Even though my grandparents lived for a good amount of my life, I would have enjoyed being able to spend more time with them. I barely remember the time I spent with them because I was so young. I am not able to make as many memories with them as I would have ever wanted to. That is why my group and I support this goal to better the health of the world, so that we can avoid losing the people we really care about too soon and that they are able to live a long healthy life.

Of course global issues do not solve themselves, people need to do something. Although diseases occur worldwide, you can start by doing something local, for your community. Many people believe that acting locally can be daunting or even impossible. For example, many people believe you have to donate money that you may not have, or start an event. In reality it can be as simple as sitting in a chair for twenty minutes listing to music and squeezing a ball. I know it seems scary to donate blood, but it saves countless lives every year. I hate needles, but I saw this as a chance to help out people in need. It's not even that bad, the different possible side effects affect you minimally, if at all, and they never affected me. It’s as simple as answering a questionnaire, a small prick to check for any possible issues, sitting in a chair for blood pressure, then donating blood. While, yes, the needle doesn't feel all that nice when it goes in, afterwords it's just fine. After it starts you can just sit there listening to music, if you have headphones, and start squeezing the fun little stress balls. To top it off, after it's done you get food. At the end of the day it can save people's lives.

Acting locally doesn’t take much, all it takes is your time and the will to help. With these two things you can donate blood, like my partners did, or you can talk to your peers, take a walk, and even volunteer at a local health facility, like I (Kaylee) did. I volunteered at a retirement home. I talked with the residents, played bingo and dominoes, colored, and exercised with them. It was a wonderful experience that benefited both parties involved. I gained some of the knowledge that my elders passed down to me, and their mental health benefited from seeing that the newest generation cares about them. I spent about three hours at the retirement home, but I could’ve spent just half an hour and still made a difference in those people's lives.

We might not have done much, but we made a difference in our community. If you're willing you can make a difference too by taking just a little bit of time out of your day to find a way to help others. If everyone acts locally then it will impact globally.

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