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Hello, my name is Christina Batrouni, and I’m a 19 year old student living in Lebanon.

I am a person who is very fond of art; and all types of art, ranging from film to books and so on.

As a student pursuing her undergraduate studies in English Literature, I have started writing my first novel. After three weeks of constant editing, I was able to craft seven stable chapters.

I have always dreamt of writing a novel in entirety, ever since I was eight years old. I found inspiration in many things; such as various poems by Edgar Allan poe. I have also been influenced by how various non-Western writers have expressed their oppression through words.

My main center of inspiration emerged from Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting, which portrayed the hopelessness of a group of people who were stuck in their miserable lives, using heroine to escape such a state. Welsh is a Scottish writer known for novels such as Trainspotting and Filth. Trainspotting revolves around 4 main Scottish characters addicted to heroine, living in Scotland. One of the scenes that really spoke to me was when Mark; the central character of the novel, tells his friends how miserable life is in Scotland, which made me really think of how some people were living in Lebanon.

With the rebellion currently taking place in Lebanon, I realized how our ancestors have suffered already many times before and now finally emerged to speak against such injustice. Lebanon’s garbage crisis has reached its peak; having its streets filled with the filth that will eventually kill us all if not resolved. So, I am very glad that people have woken up to such crisis and are expressing themselves through the streets of Beirut; whether protesting in its streets, using graffiti, or even expressing themselves through social media such as Facebook. Lebanon’s suffering has had a great impact on me, and so I am merging it into my novel, as well as the level of poverty surrounding Beirut. I would walk out of university and see many children and women begging for money or a piece of bread. Such people come from different backgrounds, for some are Syrian refugees and others are Lebanese. I am working on making my characters’ situation symbolise such despair.

In addition to that, I wanted to integrate the sectarian tension that Lebanon has been going through during its many years of existence. It had caused the civil war in 1975, and it is still causing problems today due to religion’s direct connection with Lebanon’s various political parties. I am not going through such tension in detail in my novel, but I am showing a glimpse of how it probably was during the civil war.

I pray every day for Lebanon’s agony to be abolished by its people. I have very high hopes for my novel, and I am enjoying every second of writing it.

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