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A passionate Call to Action from global youth


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Top left: Y7 Delegates with Ms. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau. 

Bottom right: the Y7 EU-delegation with Mr. Peter M. Boehm, Deputy Minister of the G7

Top left: Y7 Delegates with Ms. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau. Bottom right: the Y7 EU-delegation with Mr. Peter M. Boehm, Deputy Minister of the G7

The world of political decision-making often come across as elitist and excluding; trying to enter this arena as a young person still remains a daunting task. Despite it being 2018, we should have come further in creating an inclusive definition of political processes. The guiding principles for a democratic political process should be inclusion, representation, and equality, which is why The Youth 7 (Y7) Summit is so important; it fills a crucial void in the world of global politics by bringing voices of youth to the frontline. This year’s Y7 summit was held in Ottawa during three days in April, where 32 youth delegates from the G7 and the EU convened to negotiate and agree upon official policy recommendations to be gathered in a final Call to Action; a one-page communiqué with three policies guided by a passionate call to be bold, inclusive and pragmatic. This communiqué will be read by the leaders of the G7 and the EU.

All Y7 delegates were divided into three working groups based on the themes of Canada's G7 Presidency; Gender Equality, Climate Change & the Environment, and, Future of Work. We negotiated to reach one final policy recommendation as an outcome from each of the three working groups. During our meetings, we had the privilege of being joined by several Canadian Ministers, for example, Ms. Patty Hajdu who is Minister of Employment, Workforce Development & Labour in Canada. The Y7 also worked closely with the Deputy Minister of the G7, Mr. Peter M. Boehm, and we had the honor of being visited by Ms. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau who gave us a passionate speech on the importance of feminism and equality. It was a remarkable experience to feel so included in an otherwise distant world, and it was refreshing to see established politicians being willing to listen to young people and to take our voices seriously. I wish that there would be more spaces like the Y7 Summit for youth to express our opinions and to have our voices genuinely heard: in an ideal democratic world, there should be youth voices present in every single political process; after all, the decisions being made will impact us and our future the most.

The G7 Summit 2018 will take place in Charlevoix, Quebec, June 8-9. This is when Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and the other G7 leaders will convene to discuss some of our time’s most pressing issues. The Y7 Call to Action will be available to them as a guiding note on what global youth urgently calls for:

We call for the protection of all bodies of water from plastic pollution.

We call for intersectional action on gender equality and gender-based violence.

We call for data privacy to be enshrined as a human right.

We, the youth of the G7 and the EU, call on leaders of the world to listen to our voices. We are tired of being referred to only as leaders of tomorrow; we are also leaders of today; right here, right now, and we deserve to be taken seriously.

Read our full Call to Action here.

A little bit about me:
I am currently interning at the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) at the UN Headquarters in New York. I am also a 2018 G7 Youth (Y7) Delegate, representing the EU. Previously, I have lived and worked in Sweden, Norway, and China.

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