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A grateful letter

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Sreymom Oy
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Free Source: Voices of Youth

Free Source: Voices of Youth

I acknowledge that sometimes life can get really hard. Still I am very grateful with what I have encountered along the journey of my life and am excited and looking forward to experiencing more as I get older. On September 15, 2018 I left my country again to study at the University of California, Los Angeles; I feel so excited and overwhelmed with what the future will hold. I know I will always strive to be the better version of me. However, I am very thankful for those who I have crossed paths with. Without them, who have guided, advised, challenged, and supported me, I would not be who I am today. I am very much grateful to have met them. For this piece of writing, I would like to express my gratitude to the following fantastic individuals:

I am grateful for my family. We grow up and go to school and work, we meet people, we make friend and we might fall in love. However, feeling connected with our family allows us to experience another different kind of love and appreciation, which I hardly can find words to describe. Their support and caring will never be replaceable. No matter where we are and who we might become, family will always be our support system. As they are always there for us, make time for them. Our presence can make their imperfect day perfect.

I am grateful for my supervisors. I once came across a saying that says "do not pick a job; pick a boss". Nevertheless, I am lucky enough to come across good supervisors and get the jobs of my dreams. As part of the young generation, I do not only learn from my supervisors’ knowledge and skill, but also learn more about their leadership which plays a crucial role in my team’s growth and development.

I am grateful for my colleagues. Typically, we spend 8 hours/day working at the office or even more for some people. I highly appreciate my colleagues’ understanding and friendship. Even though I am leaving; I still always feel connected with my co-workers. I am just leaving to acquire higher and updated knowledge so that I can work better and more effective with the team.

I am grateful for my friends. There might be many people who know us, but only few understand us. They are our friends. Few weeks before I left Cambodia, I tried to catch up with most of my friends and spent some quality time chatting about everyone’s life. From experience, I learn that we sometimes have a choice in choosing jobs, but friends cannot always be chosen; it can only be understood.

Words cannot capture these individuals’ contributions to my life. Their support, trust, and understanding only make me better. I feel “good” to be able to express this feeling of gratitude into writing.

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