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A Clouded World

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Nathalia Khawand
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San Juan, Puerto Rico.

San Juan, Puerto Rico.

We have a HUGE problem, dear readers.

And I did write HUGE in capital letters for good reason.

We are making a huge mistake. And it is time to fix it.

We simply CANNOT take clouds for granted anymore.

You know what I’m talking about right? Clouds? Remember these puffy white pieces of cotton candy floating in the sky? If you look up to your window, you might even spot a few right now.

You remember now don’t you? These magical fragments of heaven that you used to dream of when you were a kid? Most of us wished we could sleep on them one day, or try to catch them in the palm of our hands if we flew close enough.

Yep well, I have realized something very important. Clouds are freaking awesome.

Why, you might ask?

Well, as simple and mundane as they seem, these random splashes of snow filling the otherwise empty canvas that is our sky are quite beautiful creatures.

Only a few days ago did I really take in the magical painting above me for a few minutes, which, eventually, turned into hours. I was intrigued by the clouds’ movements, so calmly changing with the wind that it would take quite a big amount of focus to even realize how they evolved.

Appearing and growing into the view. Colliding and striking before breaking apart. Intertwining together to form figures and outlines that the human mind couldn’t create. Drifting and shrinking before disappearing into thin air.

And all of that slowly, solidly, like the quiet water flow in a peaceful lake.

How is it that we miss such gorgeous views when they are just a peek away? How is it that we are too busy to even notice the paintings overhead?

Especially when this painting, when these clouds, mirror us so well, and in so many ways.

We are born into this world as a cloud into the sky, unknown to so many in a crowd so sly. We grow and change, slowly with time, as a cloud grows and shapes with the breeze up high. We collide into others, meet people of all kinds, like two splashes blending in the blue background. Maybe quickly drifting unto different paths, or sometimes together becoming something more. Sometimes together creating a new soul. And then, eventually, we all disappear, as each tick passes every day. And hey, who knows? Maybe after that we’ll become the clouds in the sky, decorating it for our loved ones to watch.

So I think it’s worth taking just a few seconds, every once in a while, to just look up, maybe even smile, and remember how precious life really is, and how time ticks away with the clouds in the sky.

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