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Hey you,

you who has survived through another battle,

you who has been in and out of love,

you who has been deluding herself,

you who had discovered the map of your mind,

you whose heart doesn’t suffer as much,

you who knows herself well now,

you who has found a little bit of peace,

you who is dancing on streets and kissing the world hello-


you who had tried to belong everywhere, to everyone but never to yourself,

you who finds it hard to love,

you who loves unconditionally, madly, joyously,

you who smiles at strangers and children,

you who breathes the sunshine,

you who questions the moon,

you who makes a dance party out of everything,

you who had tried to fit in, when all you can and do is not

you who plays around carefully,

you who lives off your dreams and other people’s eyes,

you who lives for an adventure, a smile and a pair of salty lips,

you who turns the books’ pages so fast- you can smell their history,

you who has learned to believe in yourself and your ideas at least a little bit,


you have carried yourself with grace and knowledge,

you have been as kind as you could,

you have tried to be as patient as possible,

you have begun being yourself,

you have accepted the whole you,

you have started being one with your thoughts and feelings;

hey you,

you should be proud.

It’s a new year, a new start-

just like last year-

except now you are you;

happy first year of your life.

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