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"The stronger the video, the easier it affects peoples’ opinions and minds"

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Eirini-Renee Gkatsi

Eirini-Renee Gkatsi

Interview with Eirini-Renee Gkatsi, a young fimmaker from Greece. You can watch her PLURAL+ video "Drop It" here.

What is your video about?

This video entitled “Drop it” is an attempt to highlight the multiple dimensions of the concept of diversity, which is seemingly a notion that separates peoples and nations, it is however in essence a tool through which the world can be united.

Why did you make this video? What motivated you to make it?

I made this video in order to aware people on the themes of racism, migration and social inclusion. Greece is a country which faces problems on these areas. My motivation is the willingness to move on to change, to develop and evolve away from stereotypes, focusing on the powerful message of unity and social cohesion.

What would you like to tell to global audiences about the subject matter of your video?

Our world is full of diversity. We are so many billion people on this planet. Each and every one are different, but simultaneously the same with each other. Ethic, social religious, gender and other discrepancies, instead of being viewed an opportunity to learn from each other are perceived as inequalities, which lead to bias, discrimination and exclusion of the target groups selected for this video. We should learn to engage with different people, and come to a move on tolerance and social inclusion of whatever we think it is different.

Was it difficult to get access to video equipment?

No, it wasn’t. The equipment was my editor’s, Mr Panos Angelopoulos, who also edited the “Drop it”.

Was this your first video? If no, what was your other(s) video(s) about?

No. I had a previous experience at high school, 9 years ago. The video back then was about the problems that youth faces, through their relations with their friends, their parents, school and bad influences.

Do you think that what is shown in the media changes people’s perceptions and opinions about issues? How?

Yes, of course. Media is part of our lives. In my opinion, the stronger the video, the easier it affects peoples’ opinions and minds. Reliance on emotion should be always present and continuous. What matters though is to try to educate people through the power that media give us.

Why do you think it is important for young people to make videos and to produce other types of media?

Young people, have the skill of creativity with simple means. They also have a new way of thinking, simple and emotionally. They are able to present difficult issues to the public in an easy given messages through a campaign or a video, which they can be surprisingly strong according to their life experience, so far.

Do you think youth-produced media deserves better channels of distribution? If so, how would you like to see things change?

It deserves more willingness to really spread those videos and all the media products, to the public and the media. It’s not necessarily the channels that should change, but the ways that they use them to promote the youths’ work.

What advice would you give to a young person who would like to make a video too?

She or he should come up with a strong idea. It doesn’t have to be complex. It just has to be original and meaningful. In that way, they will create a video which will present this idea to the world, and why not, it might change some minds by make them think.

Are you producing another video?

Not, yet. For now I am still on the first creative part, which is the script. As far as know, my next video will be also about human rights and women’s rights. A trip to India in the near future will help me to promote this idea and create a new video.

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