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"The most important thing to think about is the message" - Lotin Peterson

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Lotin Peterson

Lotin Peterson

Meet Lotin Peterson from Haiti, another young film maker who has taken part in PLURAL+. Watch his video here.

What is your video about?

I did my video about migration, diversity, social inclusion and identity. When I was making "WE ARE IMPORTANT IN THE WORLD", the message I wanted to convey, it’s no matter where you are, if you ask the question, if you are important in the world? No matter who you are, your social position, your country, your skin color, our difference does not matter, all of us are important, we each have our mission

Why did you make this video? What motivated you to make it?

I did this video to participate in the PLURAL + Video Festival. This is a friend of mine named Romel who motivates me the most to participate and also Mike. We share the same taste for videography. My inspiration came when I was listening to music and I really liked a sentence in the songs.

What would you like to tell to global audiences about the subject matter of your video?

I want to tell them that no matter who you are, your social position, your country, your skin color, our difference does not matter, all of us are important, we each have our mission. We are all an item in the great machine that represents the world.

Was this your first video? If no, what was your other(s) video(s) about?

No it is not my first video. I did some other video, but it was about me, my friends, and my school promotion. And also I did a video of my country, Haiti after the earthquake, to send a message that we can reconstruct it if we have the will power.

Do you think that what is shown in the media changes people’s perceptions and opinions about issues? How?

Yes I think so. Of course it will not change everyone, because when someone receives advice, it is he/she who must choose to implement or not. Today we spend a lot of time watching TV and surfing social networks. So for me the media is a good way to advise people and it's a way to change people’s perceptions and opinions about issues.

Why do you think it is important for young people to make videos and to produce other types of media?

For me it is important because, firstly: if we do not do get to learn today, how do we inform other youth about tomorrow? Secondly: it is very good for us young people to know our opinions, because we can help other youth in difficult circumstances, as well as those who are older. Society needs the youth.

Do you think youth-produced media deserves better channels of distribution? If so, how would you like to see things change?

Yes I think so. I would like to see more support for youth in less advanced countries. And also new global platforms for youth discussions.

What advice would you give to a young person who would like to make a video too if she or he already has access to equipment? What are the most important things to think about before starting to make a video?

My advice would be to do your video with what you have. The most important thing to think about is the message, after that comes the actors and expenses etc...

Was it difficult to get access to video equipment (camera and editing) to make your video? Whose equipment was it? How did you manage access to it?

I cannot say it was difficult. I can say it was not pro material. I have to make my video with a little camera picture. I pick up the sound with software (wavepad) on my laptop and I make editing with a trial version of Corel VideoStudio. I download it to the internet.

Are you producing another video? If yes, what is it about? Why did you choose this subject?

Yes! It speak of hope for the New Year, and I’ve called it "HAPPY NEW YEAR." I chose this subject because in the poor country people say Happy New Year hoping that this year will be better than the last, but what they should only hope that this year is better than the last, and not less worse. This is what I want to show them.

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