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Posted by MischaVOY

Applications Are Now Open!

We're happy to announce that applications for the next round of VOY Blogging Internships are now ope...

Do you love what you have?

Posted no picture Namitapise , Student

no picture Student
Member since July 17, 2017
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Imagine this. You are a helpless young child who has just crossed endless waters with your family and strangers to an alien world, only to watch your loved ones drown and the rest of the survivors get shunned by society. Most of us don't realize how privileged we are to be able to live in a safe and loving home, with education and the access to pretty much anything at the ends of our fingertips. In a world that is boosting at a tremendous rate, many of us have been so caught up with technology,...

A Cow, a Lemon Tree, and a Little School

Posted no picture Virginia Barchiesi , Student and UNICEF volunteer

no picture Student and UNICEF volunteer
Virginia Barchiesi
Member since February 5, 2017
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  • Age 14

I was born into a privileged environment. Into a wealthy family, in an area of Italy where, despite global issues, poverty only exists in the form of essays to be read at school. Sensitivity for people who suffer is left to the church or humanitarian organizations so that even though people here probably know that places like the Za’atari camp (in Jordan) exist, they are not a concern of their everyday lives.Luckily I was born into a very open-minded family, in which I was able to discover the i...

Look at yourself with love

Posted Avatar Abeera Ejaz , Student

Avatar Student
Abeera Ejaz
Member since June 6, 2017
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  • Age 17

Look at yourself. You're the only one who can see through you. Stand in front of the mirror and look into your own damn eyes. And see the pain, the strength, the struggles and the laughter. The hurt and the distress. The smiles and the love. The beauty and the darkness.See everything, all at once.And dare to fall in love with yourself. Because at each sundown, you don't have anyone else but you, for yourself. So I'll tell you that you were mistaken for not putting yourself first - for the sake o...

Imposter Syndrome

Posted no picture Vishad Tomar

no picture Vishad Tomar
Member since July 11, 2017
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Do you ever feel like someone might find out you don't qualify to be where you are? Or someone will soon know you are fraud. If yes, you too are one of those 70% people who suffer from Impostor Syndrome.I first came across the phrase in an article in 2015, but psychological research has picked up on the affliction since the 1970's. It is a concept describing high-achieving individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a...

Quality Education in Nigeria - the Way Out!

Posted no picture Oluwatosin Philip Oguntunde

no picture Oluwatosin Philip Oguntunde
Member since July 11, 2017
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The problem of education in Nigeria at both primary, secondary and tertiary level is huge. It is massive! We must take matters into our own hands. As only we can refine our educational future. Do not fool yourself into believing we are moving forward when we are only keeping up with general trends, while the real opportunities are slipping away.A practical step is needed to change our schools' curricula because they do not focus explicitly on developing the creativity, skills and human potential...

Alien perspective

Posted no picture Ameer , Just a writer

no picture Just a writer
Member since May 1, 2017
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Where am I, why is every alien a slave, why do aliens get locked up when they misbehave, why do they preach peace yet they seek war, why is there no love anymore, everyone has their own name yet they are all the same, a number determines their level of respect, if your number is high it means you are always correct, they are intelligent but they keep on focusing on the irrelevant, everything around them is dying and all their efforts in trying to save what is left is just causing more death, the...

Death for Differences

Posted no picture Audrey Brown , High School Student

no picture High School Student
Audrey Brown
Member since April 27, 2017
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Imagine having a secret that separates you from everyone else, and if you ever share this secret to anyone the government will send you to prison or even kill you. Unfortunately, some people have to live this way every day. They have to hide who they really are in fear for their lives, but these people’s secret is being gay. Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Afghanistan are only a couple countries around the world where homosexuality is illegal. In these countries homosexual acts can be punished by...

Asking for HELP!

Posted Avatar Aprajitakaushik

Avatar Aprajitakaushik
Member since July 1, 2016
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  • Age 21

I’m ashamed to ask for help. Or maybe I know that there’s nobody out there to help me. There were days I felt I needed to save the world, that the world needed me. Why do I no longer care? Has the selfishness of this world taken its toll over me finally?Why do I not like doing all that what always gave me peace? Why do I no longer seek help? Or friendships? Or companions? Why do I dread going out to meet people or even talking to anybody?I know there’s something that has changed drastically. But...

Lily of the Valleys

Posted Avatar Jiranny Gomez , Timing my quirks

Avatar Timing my quirks
Jiranny Gomez
Member since April 21, 2017
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  • Age 17

Let life take you through paths full of thorns. No one said it would be easy, well and if it is, bet on you, because with strength and self-will you will reach each of your dreams.As dark as these paths are, your vibration will be unreachable, the fog of the trees will not stiffen your bones, keep your essence constantly.Like the Lily of the Valley, which among the thorns of the desert extends its leaves that are bright and green, in contrast of the thorns and thistles that accompany it.Do not l...

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