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The Rise of Women

دون صورة student
grace wagner
عضو منذ ٨ أبريل، ٢٠١٨
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Welcome to our fight.

We are strong

We are independent

And we will not take this any longer.

No one can suppress our growing power

No one can silence our voices that are waiting to be heard

We deserve the same rights as any male

Because we are equal human beings

What makes them think that they can quietly continue to treat us like we are not equal

We get payed less for working the same

This world has been overpowered by men for too long

It is our time to rise.

There will be a female president to run this country—

and it will be legendary.

You may try to put us down,

Tell us we are ugly,

Tell us we will never succeed,

But what you don't know is that we are stronger than you may think

We are in an unbelievable age

Where we can stand up,

Protest against our government

Until there is change for the good,

We will never stop.

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