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The Dragon Egg in the Backyard

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Plan B-Erde

عضو منذ ٢٧ ديسمبر، ٢٠١٧
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Everyone has at some point read a book, or watched a film telling the story of a hero. Maybe it was very explicit like with superheroes, or just a little more complex, like with Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. It doesn’t matter which one, pick your favorite and think about it.

In every case, the hero starts as an ordinary individual, just like everyone else; but then, there is a very special moment in each one of those stories, where something unusual happens to that normal guy or girl, and that is the beginning of them becoming heroes. Can you think about that moment in your picked story?

I remember very well reading Eragon by Christopher Paolini when I was a teenager. Maybe you know the book or the film. In any case, Eragon is just a farmer boy, living an ordinary life on his uncle’s farm, when one day, while he is hunting, he finds a strange blue stone, which results to be a dragon egg.

He first has no idea that it is a dragon egg, and he even tries to sell it, hoping to make some money out of the beautiful stone, but it is so rare, that no merchant knows the value of it, so they aren’t interested in buying it. After a while, the baby dragon is born, and to avoid spoiling details for those who haven’t read it, I’ll just say that that’s the point where the real adventure begins.

We like hero’s stories very much, because they remind us of the potential we all have inside. At this point you may be thinking: “Well, maybe, but I’ve never found a dragon egg in my backyard”. But, have you really thought about that? Are you sure you haven’t found any? I mean, ok, maybe it wasn’t a dragon egg, but it isn’t always an egg! It is sometimes a message hidden in R2D2… or in your own head.

The dragon egg comes usually as an idea or a dream. At first you don’t give it much value, but somehow, it doesn’t abandon you. After a while, you tell somebody about it, but they don’t care much, and you’re left alone with it. But that right there, is the moment where you can dismiss it as unimportant too, or follow it and embark in adventure.

So, in case you had never thought of it this way, I’d suggest you start seeing your dreams and ideas as callings for going on an adventure. Sadly, more often than not, people dismiss their dreams as something that is impossible to realize, or they are too afraid of believing in them. They want to get rid of the egg, even if it looks like a beautiful stone, because sometimes that means also embarking into the unknown...They remain as ordinary people, living their comfortable lives at home, not making a big difference, and ruled by routine.

On the other hand, those who trust and follow their dreams, have a much harder time, fighting demons and other enemies, risking their lives in the process to complete their mission, but paradoxically, that is what a good life is about. It is about taking the risk, being passionate, and ultimately about doing something good for the world.

Today, this planet needs many more heroes, and everyone has the power to become one, so next time you find an idea, see it as something precious, keep it, dare to believe in it, and follow its calling.

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