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عضو منذ ١١ فبراير، ٢٠١٦
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Alone. Loneliness. Ever wonder why some people are just so lonely? Well, here's the answer... They're special.

In school, the ones who have the most friends are cool and famous. Ever thought what's behind those so called *nerds* are? Well they're change makers. They beat stereotypes and move forward while most of us can only afford to watch them.

In the technological world, there are still people who don't have an account on Facebook. Why? Because they're different. We all refer to it as backward but trust me, it's the way of moving forward. Its like in this fast world filled with ignorance, you still have some time to pay attention to yourself.

Maybe they are lonely, because they want to avoid all distractions from their dreams.

A confession from a *loner*

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