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Animal rights are important too

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Izza Malik
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Save the animals
photo: pinterest

Save the animals photo: pinterest

It was a sultry summer evening. I was walking alone on the road, lost in my domain of thoughts. Exams were just around the corner and I decided to take a walk down the street, hoping a little fresh air would help settle my stress and anxiety.

Outside, the world was a quiet place. The only sounds were those of the trees rustling or the birds chirping as they took a flight for home. Mostly, the world was still, silent and peaceful.

I was still wandering in my thoughts, undisturbed, when a car zoomed through my side. A while later, I heard a loud crushing sound. My thread of thoughts broke off.

At first, I thought the car had passed over a steel can. But I was wrong. It wasn’t a can that was crunched and crushed under the car, it was a cat.

There was blood spattered all over the road, and in the blood lay a brown stray cat, dying. The sight made my insides churn.

The cat purred softly, as it breathed the last wisps of air. It’s purring sounded as though it was calling for help. But none came to the poor, wretched creature.

My heart sunk deep into the pit of my stomach, as I watched the little piece of life, trying to breathe, trying be alive. It struggled for life, lying in its own pool of blood. I was devastated.

The driver of the car didn’t even stop to look. He probably didn’t realise what he’d done. He had killed a cat. And it was entirely his fault because he was driving at higher speed than was permissible in the area. His reckless, absentminded and careless driving was responsible for killing the cat.

I wanted to run to the cat, bundle it up in my arms, take it to some place safe. But there was no place where I could take it to. Miserable, I collapsed at the cat’s side. In the moment, I was hysterical. I screamed, shouted and pleaded to God to let the cat live a little longer. My prayers went unheard.

I had never felt so helpless in my life before. Even if the cat could’ve been saved, where would I have taken it to?

My miserable state garnered comments of passersby,

“She's crying over a cat.”

“Who cries over a cat?”

There was sound of laughter too. But I wasn’t embarrassed because of people laughing at me. I was infuriated. How could these people not care about an animal that lay dying in the middle of the road?


That was the day when I realised, there is a dire need of animal care clinics and shelters in Pakistan. A few organisations exist, but they’re too few, and the animals dying everyday are too many. We need to create more space for the wounded, stray and abandoned wildlife in our country.

I still think of how that cat would’ve been alive today, roaming some corner of a random street. If only that driver was a little more careful, a little more aware of his surrounding.

Animal rights are also important. They need to be protected. You don’t have to be an animal lover to care, you just have to be a human.

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