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Africa, how free are we?

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عضو منذ ٢٦ مارس، ٢٠١٦
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Our forefathers were kicking and wailing as they were taken into slavery unwilling. Today, the young people of this continent are risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean sea, to Europe, because many of them are running away from the circumstances happening in our continent.

Therefore, a question which pops up; as a continent, how free are we today?

We are a continent where poverty, poor leadership, unemployment, resource abuse, corruption, nepotism, diseases, DEBT among other things are often the order of the day. Africa, how free are we today?

We call ourselves free, but some of us cannot even fund our own national budgets. Instead, we apply for loans which must be paid back by our future generation.

Our agriculture, education and health sectors are critical. We talk of diversification to agriculture, but it feels as if very little, if not anything, has been done. Despite being a continent blessed with abundant natural resources, many of our infrastructures are in a poor state. Some of our learners in school have no furniture to sit on, but we are blessed with timber, where did our timber go? There are minimal medical personals, and medicines in our hospitals. How free are we then as Africa?

Until the day Africa will realize her potential, and address what is derailing her development, until then African freedom day will have a complete meaning.

Despite all this, I have a dream that one day, Africa will meet her full potential.

Paul Chibamba aka Magnificent

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