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Society's Ideas

Posted no picture crisantaicm

no picture crisantaicm
Member since January 8, 2016
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Who were you until society turned you into something you are not? When we are young we see the world and everything different, we don’t understand society and society’s concepts and ideas, we see everything with a positive eye, in a positive way. We don’t know that society limits you because you are different. We don’t understand that society demands you to be or act a certain way to be accepted, that you have to be skinny, to cover your imperfection, not let people see y...

Lessons I hardly gained during my first year of “Startuping”

Posted Avatar Ghalia M. Turki , Entrepreneur, Leader & Changemaker

Avatar Entrepreneur, Leader & Changemaker
Ghalia M. Turki
Member since December 15, 2016
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Entrepreneurship is much easier said than done, they say. Well, you will never believe it until your little baby is at least one year old. Your whole journey begins with an idea in an unexpected inspiring moment, with enough craziness to step forward. Most of us take the very first step without the adequate planning, skills, and knowledge to succeed; but a few of us do. So, I started my startup at the end of 2015, while my idea was nothing but a fetus. Actually, the idea came to...

A Hopeful Vision: Challenges for the 21st Century

Posted Avatar Francisco Galan Tames

Avatar Francisco Galan Tames
Member since April 12, 2015
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On May 13, 2012, the dismembered bodies of 49 innocents were dumped by a roadside near one of the largest cities in Mexico. The victims were found inside plastic bags with their heads, hands and feet chopped off, making it impossible for authorities to identify them. It is speculated that the massacre was the result of a dispute between drug cartels. The crime has horrified Mexico and quickly drew international attention. I was aghast when I learned about the killings. In Mexico,...

Mental Illness = NOT a Joke

Posted no picture Yeshna

no picture Yeshna
Member since November 1, 2015
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I am going to start this post very directly by saying that "Mental Illness is not something to joke about". Mental Illness affects many people daily and there is absolutely no humor in it. It's not funny at all to throw insensitive jokes around and hurt people in so many ways. It is not funny either to reject people suffering from mental illness. Everyone can have mental issues, whether it is chronic stress/depression or complex things like bipolar disorder. I don't know if you h...

To self-reflectors aka trouble-makers!

Posted no picture Idil Kına , Medical Student

no picture Medical Student
Idil Kına
Member since January 7, 2012
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If there is one thing more frustrating about gender inequality other than inequality itself, It is to make others understand the existence of gender inequality in our lives. Most people or organizations are familiar with the concept; but no one sees how they contribute to it. Because It is so embedded in our cultures we don't see it as gender inequality. And in this situation a person like me, someone who is aware of the inequalities in her life and draws attention to them, is ofte...

I miss college time

Posted no picture Mishal Rehman

no picture Mishal Rehman
Member since March 25, 2017
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I am a student of BS International Relations in one of the best universities of Pakistan globally renowned as Quaide Azam. I consider myself extremely blessed as it was my dream. But I did not know that after getting admission and after joining university I will miss my college that much. University life is totally different and it changes you a lot. School teaches you how to stay loyal with people no matter what and where, while university teaches you how to be a hypocrite. In...


Posted no picture Carly

no picture Carly
Member since January 3, 2017
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Plugged Carly Kabot The bell rings, what’s the first thing you do? You reach down and pull your phone out of your bag. Maybe you didn’t notice, but the other twenty students around you did the exact same thing. The addiction is seen throughout the halls, the streets, even at a dinner table surrounded by a group of friends. Everyone’s head is down and their shoulders are curved, their eyes missing out on what’s directly in front of them. We have become slaves to our...

World Water Day 2017: 'Why Wastewater?''

Posted Avatar Courage Nyamhunga , U-Report Coordinator.

Avatar U-Report Coordinator.
Courage Nyamhunga
Member since June 8, 2014
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World water day is held annually on 22 March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for sustainable management of fresh water resources. This year’s theme ‘Why waste water’ is about reducing and reusing waste water. Waste water is a valuable resource to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 6 target. This target aims to halve the proportion of untreated waste water and increase water recycling and safe use. Access to safe w...

A 10 year old boy

Posted no picture Roseli

no picture Roseli
Member since February 10, 2017
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A 10 year old boy is playing football with bombs above his head, and mines underneath his legs. Another 10 year old boy plays football with rain above his head, and grass underneath his legs. The first boy will be gone forever if he puts his leg at a wrong place. The second boy will cry a tear or two if he falls on the grass. Who will be heard when they complain? And who will get a second chance to make up the mistakes?

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